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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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head over over to hannity. thank you for being with us. don't forget fox and friends first, 5:00 to 9:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the nfl to the floor of congress, the controversy playing out as members of the black caucus made the hands up, don't shoot gesture. >> hands up. don't shoot. >> raise their hands. >> this has become the new symbol. >> we've come a long, long way from how we got here but we have a long way to go. >> america is better than this. >> being black in america. what ferguson says about where we are and where we need to go. >> a grand jury system is not a jury of your peers. >> now is the time for the federal government to act, for congress to act. congressional black caucus will
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not be silent. >> injustice has no seat in our democratic institution. >> don't shoot. >> joining us, reverend michael faulkner, former congressman allen west. first to you, congressman, to both of you. first you, these are your old stomping grounds. the house of representatives, was it appropriate or inappropriate to use the house floor for this demonstration? >> i think it was clearly inappropriate, greta, because one of the things we have to understand, why are members of the congressional black caucus promoting a false narrative? we know from the forensic evidence, we know from all of the evidence and the testimony that has been released by a prosecutor, mr. mcculloch, it was not a case of hands up and don't shoot. michael brown never raised his hands. you cannot have people putting out this false information and, once again, you know, truly deceiving the american people. and furthermore, if the
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congressional black caucus doesn't want to be silent, why are they talking about the deaths and shootings of the young black men in chicago? why aren't they talking about the 25 small businesses that were burned to the ground that did not participate in small business saturday? those are the real issues that they should be talking about. not the politicized issue that they are taking up. >> and i agree with you on the second part about why aren't we talking about the issues across the country but in terms of the hands up part, i did some more research on it and i'm very differential initial to grand juries. whatever grand juries or juries decide, 16 people testified that hands were up. two were asked about it, another two, they said no hands were up. eight did not volunteer that there were any hands up and three said they didn't know. there was conflicting testimony in the grand jury about if the hands were up or not. that's not certainly all of the evidence. let me go to you, reverend
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faulkner. appropriate or inappropriate using the house floor? >> greta, i understand the gesture but we've got to get beyond the gestures. we've got to go to a national dialogue about race. and if we miss this opportunity right now in america, shame on all of us. we are at a crossroads that we've never been at before. every time a young, black men gets shot in the streets by a white police officer, it separates us, divides us. we need unity now. and i expect our leadership in the congressional black caucus and in the white house and in the statehouses across this nation to begin a dialogue of unity, not separation. gestures such as the ones that we see don't do it enough. it does not come enough. the protests will not bring us together. we need to come together now with a national dialogue about race and the culture divides
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that we're facing in our nation. >> congressman west, was this an issue of racism or is this sort of the long, lack of better word, poster child for racism in america? or was this a racism issue? >> of course it was not a racism issue. darren wilson was responding to a call previous to the phone call about michael brown about a small little girl in the community and then got the subsequent call on the issue of mike dell brown. but the important conversation we should be having are the consequences of the actions that michael brown took. michael brown without any doubt or debate, committed several felony offenses. he robbed a store, assaulted a store owner, attacked a police officer, he charged at a police officer. and again, i just don't understand why we always have to defer to the discussion about race when we should be talking about respect and regard for law enforcement, respect and regard for the rule of law,
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understanding and respect for our judicial and due process. we are moving away from, you know, the discussion of the policies that have resulted in the crumbling of the inner city and the destruction of the black family. and therefore you have these issues. >> the reason we come back to race every time is because when this happened and we begin to see the similarities in case after case, year after year of young black men in urban america of being shot by police officers, it opens up this divide regardless of the facts of the case. >> reverend, reverend, let me ask you one quick question, though. >> why don't you talk about young black men shooting young black men? >> we get to a point of -- >> absolutely. i agree with that 100%. we begin to separate where we can no longer hear reason, no longer trust grand juries and that is the real unsafe element.
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>> reverend -- >> yes. >> -- i'm deferrential with grand juries. everyone comes in and second guesses after they haven't heard all of the evidence. people are focusing not on the fact that this started as a rather bullying or objenoxious robbery by the descedent. that's been left out of the discussion. >> absolutely. the discussion, to be honest with you, as tragic as this death is, the discussion needs to go beyond this. we need to use this as a springboard perhaps for the real discussion. it's unfortunate that it has to revolve around this case. i understand, greta. i believe in the grand jury process as much as you do because i saw how we dialogued and debated and how we argued. >> and people work hard. >> absolutely. people work hard. >> and people work very hard on
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those. >> but as a nation, we've got to get to the discussion -- we have no one in the middle. it's unfortunate that we have no one in the middle. >> and i agree and i'm going to take the last word on it. we really need leadership and people not picking sides for the sake of picking sides which oftentimes, regrettably, some of that happens. and it's regrettable. >> we don't need to spend 2$250 million to retrain police either. >> no, we can't. if we can't come to some -- >> you both get the last word. thank you, gentlemen. and now potential brother for michael brown's stepfather. the sa the st. louis police department is deciding whether louis head will face charges for inciting a riot.
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and former homicide detective ted williams is joining us. good evening, ted. >> good afternoon, greta. >> ted, should he be investigated for possibly inciting a riot? should that go do a grand jury? >> well, i have no problems with him being investigated, anybody involved with this process should go to a grand jury but this question is, the stepfather of michael brown, did he do enough to show a nexus between his words and his words were sort of like burning this "b" down and such and everything. you have to show a nexus between that and the actual burning of some of those buildings by some of those individuals, greta. and that's a very heavy void. even from an investigatory
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standpoint. >> i feel two ways about it. one is that if the prosecutor makes a decision that there will be hell to pay no matter what he does, if he sends it to a grand jury, we have 16, 12 decisions to make a decision whether to indict or not, on the other hand, this has gotten so explosive that maybe this is a discretion case where even if it should go, this is a time to put a lid on it and not drag this further into more violence and more trouble and sort of work on solutions and not having the sort of nightmares where people take sides. >> greta, you're absolutely right. this is where prosecutorial discretion comes into play here. the fact about it is, if you look at the video, this was a very emotional moment for the stepfather of michael brown who had lost his stepchild. the fact further is that this was like pouring kerosene on a fire if they bring this. i can see the community now.
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well, you didn't charge officer wilson and now you're charging this father. it's too explosive. it's prosecutorial discretion and i think mr. mcculloch will stand back and not bring charges. >> you know, maybe even the stepfather might do something really smart, i lost my temper, i felt really terrible, i had lost my stepson and make a public statement. it would go very far towards at least helping things. thank you. >> my pleasure. and another missouri community is on edge after a vicious hammer attack on a bosnian immigrant. fox news correspondent mike tobin is joining us live. what happened? >> reporter: well, as we're standing here before the makeshift memorial, one thing that the st. louis mayor had made a point of stating is that, quote, this is absolutely unfounded to connect this to the ferguson demonstration.
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in fact, the bereaved new wife of begich told the british newspaper, "the daily mail," that this was a targeted killing, almost like a contract killing and it was because, she says, he had a disagreement with some relatives or acquaintances but it was absolutely savages. four teenagers attacked him with hammers. he ultimately died of wounds to his head, mouth and abdomen and didn't die right away. and now you have members of the bosnian immigrant community demonstrating because it happened in the bosnian immigrant neighborhood often called little bosnia out here. police have released only one photo of a suspect and that is a photo of robert mitchell, 17 years old. police say that he turned himself in. he's being charged as an adult. the other suspects they have in custody are 15 and 16 years old. police say there was one other suspect who is still at large.
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greta? >> mike, thank you. and now the big news in the fight against isis, a wife of the terror group's leader has been arrested in lebanon. the woman was taken into custody along with the child. our fox news correspondent is live. john? >> reporter: well, greta, this could be a big break for intelligence officials in capturing the leader of isis who has remained an elusive but powerful figure in the fight against the militant group. lebanese officials are confirming that the woman is the wife of isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. she was reportedly caught trying to get into lebanon from syria using fake i.d.s more than a week ago, about nine days ago.f with her young son. it's unclear why exactly she was trying to cross the border, whether to escape isis, al baghdadi, or to link up with isis militants inside lebanon. you know, we've reported that
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isis has been recruiting inside the country and along with the al qaeda link, al nusra front, took members of the security forces hostage and has threatened to kill some of those people. now, perhaps al baghdadi's wife could be a bargaining chip in securing their release or more so if anything tracking down al baghdadi himself. last month there was a report that he was possibly even killed during a u.s.-led coalition air strike. that was not confirmed. but this, again, could be the break that intelligence officials need the u.s. and its allies to track down and capture al baghdadi. greta? >> john, any question out of isis or any inquiry or any noise at all about this? >> reporter: no. isis is remaining quiet at this
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point. lebanese officials are saying that they continue to question the woman. it's unclear where the son is and how old that son is but at this point they are trying to get obviously as much information out of her as possible. greta? >> john, thank you. today in capital world, jey johnson admitting his agency released two terrorists into the united states. those two men were caught trying to cross our southern border but a judge ordered homeland security to set them free. good evening, sir. >> greta, good evening. how are you? >> fine. some judge releases -- the department of homeland security to release terrorists affiliated with the group that took credit for bombing our embassy in turkey. so how does this happen? >> look, this is obviously a reason why i think we need real border security. it's a reason why we have to be
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very, very conscious of the fact that this is not just an immigration discussion that we're having on our southern border. it's a case of national security. what's going to stop somebody like an isis doing the exact same thing. obviously there's the need for border security to protect us. folks in my district are counting on the federal government to do that. it shows a reform in the immigration justice system. it sounds like a standard immigration judge that released two of these folks. and where there is more focus on whether they ought to be released. >> they claimed that a state department terrorist list, that ought to be a red flag and then as i understand it, that they were released on a $25,000 bond. where in the world did they get $50,000? that ought to be a little
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suspicious as well. you know, who is on first on this? the only thing left is that they are traveling one way without any baggage to make it more suspicious. >> right. that's something that ought to be looked into and hopefully and i think will be looked into, again, there is some questions about which group did these groups belong to. one being a marxist group responsible for the bombing against the u.s. embassy in turkey. regardless of who they were, the point is this, you can't have a situation in this country where you have people on a terror watch list being set free and being let go. it shows the bigger issue at the border and how important that is to secure not just for immigration but security. >> the other thing that is disturbing to me, congressman, i can't get straight answers about this or information. maybe they are part of these terrorist groups but the fact that we have questions and can't get straight answers and it's not something that we want to be talking about in a rear-view
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mirror, it's something that we want to be proactive about, who are these people and are they connected with terrorist groups that have answers. >> that's it. look, with terrorism, you have to get it right 100% of the time. you get it right 99% of the time, it's going to cost an american or americans their lives. this is an explosive story and it goes to the bigger picture of what we are doing to secure our country. >> at first i didn't think -- i didn't blame the secretary of homeland security since the judge ordered it but then i think, why didn't they speak up? they've known about it. why didn't they say something sooner? >> because they knew we'd talk about it. this feeds into the immigration reform and that discussion, okay, look, border security is not just about the issue of immigration. it's about things that are secure in our country. why didn't they bring it up earlier? because maybe that would feed into the whole conversation. there's a lot of answers that need to be ascertained here and
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i know members of congress are going to be focused on it because, look, our biggest job or most important job is to keep the american people safe and that's what we have to do. that's what we're charged with. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. daytime drama on capitol hill. the newest u.n. ambassador but republicans insisting the former only campaign bundler is not qualified for her new job. plus, disney declaring war on god? [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪
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a soap opera producer is now the u.s. ambassador of hungary. the senate just confirmed to a diplomatic post drawing bold opposition from republicans. >> i'm sure that television viewing is important in hungary but the fact is, this nominee is totally unqualified. >> what would you be doing differently from your predecessor? >> if confirmed, i look forward to working with the broad range of society -- >> obviously you don't want to answer my question. when they send a person that doesn't know the language, has never been to the country, has no familiarity with national security to a nation of this importance, of this importance,
11:23 pm
then, my friends, we are making a serious mistake. >> and joining us, the hill's editor-in-chief and national review's tom rogan. presidents for decades have been appointing professional and nonprofessional foreign service to ambassador posts. why is this one causing such a stir with republicans? >> well, it's the latest one, basically, and you have to wonder what the interview process is. do you speak the language of the country? have you ever been to the country? this has happened before. the interesting part was angus king, he voted with the republicans for rejecting both of these nominees. >> i was surprised -- in fact, i looked at the number. 35% of the appointees are not foreign service but then you go
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back and look at reagan, 38% were not foreign service. but when these two were appointed and the first one to hungary seems so uninformed about what is going on. you would have thought she'd at least do her homework and the argentina one, too. >> in the tape you played, it sounded like she was recording a hostage video. john mccain is right, greta. he said, we've done this since the dawn of time but we send them to places like the caribbean and it's just a really nice gift after raising a lot of money for the candidate and the president. it's not a serious job with consequences. and so it isn't the peace corps that you're going to go off and serve somewhere that you've never been before. to go to hungary with vladimir putin threatening eastern europe, et cetera, it's of great consequence. when you have someone who can't name the strategic interests, maybe she's never traveled there but it's amazing that these
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contestants are willing to insult even if they haven't been there and spoke their language, they are going to work for and with the taxpayer but the entire process by not having read up on the country at all. >> tom, i actually like the idea that some of the countries get nonforeign service officers as ambassadors. i think a lot of them can do the job and i think the state department, the secretary of state can certainly help with something important comes along. but isn't the problem here really that the answers at the confirmation hearings were they were stupid answers? not knowing much about the countries at all, isn't that the problem? i think some nonforeign workers do great at the job. >> the thing is, when they send them to washington, they send the best and the brightest. it's the elite that go to washington. when we're sending people to argentina, iceland, those that
11:26 pm
don't potentially speak the language, even, or haven't traveled there or have no experience there, it sends a message to those populations and to the anti-american elements to those populations that the united states governor had the has no interest in an engagement and contradicts the notion that president onbama's debate in 2008. it is fundamentally incompatible with the notion of critical, diplomatic interests. >> stay with us. if you thought the irs could not get worse, boy did you think wrong. find out what the irs did. yes, you're going to be enraged into plus, i have something to tell you about the irs politicians andndndndndnd they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪
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this is a fox news alert. a tragic scene on a tennessee highway. two buses collided. three were killed. the buses were taking students home from primary and
11:44 pm
intermediate schools. no word on what caused the crash. and breaking news, the fbi is leading the search for a missing philadelphia college student, shane montgomery, v vanished after leaving a bar on thanksgivings morning. dave is joining us live. dave? >> reporter: greta, good evening to you. i can tell you that philadelphia police have been frustrated with this case. the fbi is involved. in fact, we were there when the fbi questioned shane's parents once again. we're talking about shane montgomery, a 21-year-old here. the fbi could not say much but investigators are telling us that they don't know much right now. shane's picture has been posted on every storefront and, in fact, some cases, drink specials have been replaced with signs like this across philadelphia and all across the city. here's what police are telling us. he was at a bar on thanksgiving eve.
11:45 pm
the bar was wrapping up for the night. it was about 1:50 thanksgiving morning when he left. now, the bar officials say he bumped into the deejay but was not intoxicated and did not cause any problems. he was walked towards the door along with many other people for the end of the night but they don't know if he went this way down main street or this way down main street. police have been looking for surveillance video, pulling video from several stores but they don't see any images of shane. the fbi is involved. still, nothing on shane. philadelphia police choppers have been searching the local river and the canal also alongside this neighborhood here. no sign of shane whatsoever. they are taking that search closer to his house in the roxboro section of philadelphia. still, no sign of shane. his family members have posted reward money and now it's up to
11:46 pm
$26,000 for any information leading to leads on shane montgomery. the police are frustrated even with the fbi involved, greta. >> dave, thank you. and straight ahead, is disney censuring god? a little girl will tell you her story, next. here's some news you may find surprising.
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well, this is not your typical police chase. the suspect got caught in traffic and crashed the car. he makes a run for it on a skateboard. the suspect is skateboarding and police hot on his krtrail. the police finally stopped him. . >> i saw what happened, the guy was running from the cops. they are like right on running. there was i don't know, about six or seven cops and he got on the skateboard and started moving. and it was just instinct and you know block the guy off slow him down a little bit. that is all he could do. >> and get this, turns out the hero truck driver is a reality tv star from the show "operation repo." police arrested the suspected car chief. and this, a 10-year-old
11:52 pm
california girl gets blocked from posting the word "god" on the website. she is not sure why she was frozen out. ♪ ♪ >> disney, the place where dreams come true. ♪ ♪ ♪ everywhere you look. >> but now the magic kingdom is going godless. >> and my family and all my friends. he is the reason i have all of this stuff. >> lily anderson was just getting home from church when the 10-year-old went to try to post a comment. >> she typed in she was thankful for god and her family and church and her friends. and when she did, when she hit submit it came up in red letters and the message that it said was please be nice.
11:53 pm
>> yes, you heard that right. disney refusing to let her thank god and telling her please be nice. >> we found out that when we removed the word "god" from the post disney would actually allow it. >> disney is blocking the word from its website, but she and her mother are not letting it go. >> let it go, let it go ♪ >> it kind of made me feel a little bit confused about why it was not letting me send my message. >> and fox got this statement from disney. it says in part, because so many people attempt to use the system and use the word god in conjunction with profanity, our system is forced to catch the use of the word on our websites. tell me what you think at twitter, at greta. and coming up, the latest threat from mother nature next, and don't forget, tonight, 10 p.m. eastern, mark
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get ready to speed read the way to the news. first, in california, the powerful pacific storm is hitting hard. first, heavy rain is bringing some relief to the drought-stricken state. but now there are fears of mudslides, many homes north of los angeles are being evacuated. and the world couple, leaving qatar. they have been held in qatar for almost two years accused of wro wrongdoing in the death of their
11:59 pm
own daughter. they were blocked from leaving the country. but today, the u.s. ambassador to qatar says all the requirements have been met and the wongs can take off for united states tomorrow. and the captain of the cruise ship, costa concordia testifying at his manslaughter trial. 42 people were killed when the ship was steered close to shore. he said he did it as a favor to a crew member. he denied doing it to impress a woman. thank you for joining us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow night right here again 7:00 p.m. eastern. check out our brand-new pod cast, greta talk, we release new episodes each week. check out greta talk, it is free. and follow me on twitter at the brand-new handle @greta, so simple. does the hands up, don't shoot gesture have a place on the house floor on those lawmakers
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acting inappropriate? up next, "the o'reilly factor" good night from houston, texas. hi. well, tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." are selfies the most unnecessary invention or for guys with short arms? we asked one fellow to comment. and how does the president think you should feel about shaving your best friend's back? >> sometimes that's hard to do. it is worth while. it is worth doing. >> and finally, have cats cut a secret deal with evil window blinds to attack dogs? what the canine community should do to get even. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. what do americans and van ha


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